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Many of the world's best frac sand suppliers are hidden just out of reach to people ready to buy frac sand because they don't advertise. They don't need to.

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The Price of Fracking Sand is Low Today, but not for Long

Fracking sand prices are extremely low at this time due to a glut of new suppliers coming on the market.  However, industry experts don't expect this condition to last forever.

International demand, rising natural gas prices and new, more "frac intensive" drilling techniques are all expected to drive prices up over the next year.

Smart buyers are locking in now.

We are Ready to Connect You to Sand Suppliers with These Superior, Material Specifications

  • Mesh Sizing

    20×40, 30×50, 40×70 and 120 mesh. Please indicate if your specs fall outside these parameters on our quote form.

  • Turbidity

    Less that 250 ntu

  • Roundness & Sphericity

    Greater than 0.06

  • Crush Test Rating

    All sand is ISO rated.  Our sources supply sand up to 9K*.

    * K Factors are subject to some variance.

We've Got Logistics Support

After sales logistics support is a huge part of any fracturing sand sales transaction.  It's also a very costly part.   Whether you need rail or truck transport, you can rest assured you'll receive competent, competitively priced support from our suppliers.


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